Our brick gazebo stands above the park for excellent viewing by all who come to your wedding or event.  Several brick walkways allow you to plan your event the way you want it to happen.  Stop by for breakfast, lunch or dinner soon and see what we are bragging about.


108 Bohemia Ave.

Chesapeake City, MD 21915

        Pell Gardens is a newly renovated waterfront park setting where the streets are calm enough to casually walk to four restaurants and several Bed and Breakfasts (for your stay & overnight enjoyment).  Your desired ceremony and reception location on the water front is just a few steps away.  
         Watch the ships from around the world come by. Have your romantic waterfront wedding in the most scenic location on the East Coast!   Outdoor weddings are the best!.  See why we make so many memorable days for so many couples. Did you know the C&D Canal is the third busiest canal in the world? 

 and other EVENTS

        All bookings are made by a Civic Association officer. Checks are written as a donation to C.C.D.C.A., a non-profit Civic Group. Your check must clear the bank to confirm a set date. Our calendar may show "Tentative" until cleared. Small parties may apply for a discount.
        Weddings can be scheduled for morning, afternoon and night. Rehearsal time, if needed, must be confirmed in advance so as to not conflict with other events.

        Thank you for allowing us to add a touch of romance and history to your eventful day. Contact us early as dates fill quickly. See why Chesapeake City is the best place for your wedding or other event. Come by boat, antique car or horse and carriage. We can add that special 'touch' you want to remember the day.

C.C.D.C.A. 2nd District


     The purpose for which the Association is organized and shall be operated are exclusively charitable and educational. For the general purposes aforesaid, and limited to those purposes, the objects to be carried on by it are as follows:

     To combat community deterioration and juvenile delinquency, advance education, lessen neighborhood tensions, support and promote the quality of community life, stimulate rehabilitation of the community; to advance and disseminate knowledge concerning and moral, social, economic and physical problems facing the community; and strive to alleviate problems related to urban crisis; to provide assistance, council and advice to all persons in the community, particularly property owners, prospective property owners, and others having an interest in the improvement and proper maintenance, of the properties for the purpose of eliminating existing blight and guarding against future deterioration; to develop, sponsor, promote, initiate and foster charitable and educational programs designed to contribute to the enrichment of community life and harmonious community relations and to encourage broadest possible participation by individuals and groups and maximum citizen participation in activities directed towards these purposes